Super Mega Fun Challenge

Packed with trivia, contests and music to inspire active kids!

Our high-energy game show hosts guarantee fun for audiences of all sizes and ages! Implementing a fully interactive game show system with lights, sensors, score keeping and sound effects, children are split into teams to participate in lightning quick trivia and group challenges while cheering along with popular tunes and dance songs!

Customizable questions and themes

Our game show format is flexible enough to give your event a customized feel with unique challenges and questions designed with you in mind. With a wide variety of challenges and categories, every game show with mainstages is different!

Our themed game shows include:

  • S.T.E.M.
  • Earth Day and Environmental Awareness
  • Sports
  • Holidays
  • End of School Year

Our game show possibilities even include training workshops, birthday parties, and even bar trivia!

Rapid Trivia & Unique Challenges

It's not always about who knows the answers, but who can get their hands on the buzzer fastest! Be sure you're paying attention, you never know what you may be asked. When in front of our machine, sometimes the simplest questions can stump you! Focus, precision and balance are all part of the fun with mainstages. Classic relay challenges join original races like 'Wobble Walk' and 'Statue of Liberty Toss' to deliver high-action and gut-busting laughter for all!

We offer competitive rates and multi-booking discounts. Let us bring the fun to you!

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