18 January 2017

In 2017, we have set our sights on connecting with educators with the intent of effective engagement and education of youth. With a unique set of teaching workshops, we are sharing and learning more than ever.

We have developed a workshop series on Teaching Techniques covering topics like behavioral management and engaging young audiences. Hosted at a number of venues in Manhattan and Queens, we are excited by making these professional development opportunities more accessible to seasoned and novice educators. You can learn more about our workshop series and RSVP for our upcoming workshops HERE.

March 14-16, we are thrilled to be returning and leading two sessions at ACA Tri-States in Atlantic City, NJ. These sessions will build upon previous workshops, offering even more games and activities that are effective for children of all ages in various settings, as well as sharing innovative ideas for Color War and Olympics. Give Me More Games is scheduled for Wednesday March 15th at 8:30am in room 201 and Color War! Maccabiah! Call it what you want, just make it Awesome is scheduled for the same day at 3:15pm in room 403.  Learn more about these sessions HERE.

Give Me More Games
Wednesday, March 15
Location: Room 201

Color War! Maccabiah! Call it what you want, just make it Awesome!
Wednesday, March 15
Location: Room 403


As mainstages has grown, we have had the unique opportunity to learn and build upon the intricacies of educating and engaging today’s youth. We would be remiss, however, to not consider the future and think further about the implications of our teachings.

Our goal is to use theater and the arts as a vehicle for preparing youth for leadership in tomorrow’s world. As educators, we must see our teachings as a foundation for the future. We can’t think of our impact as semester-to-semester or summer-to-summer. We, as educators, have an obligation to think of the bigger picture.

While mainstages is able to connect and engage with youth on a daily basis, we recognize that the bigger picture for us is sharing all we have learned; all of our resources, tip, tricks, and tools, with our community of peer educators. We understand that our educational success can be the success of all those who work in the education world by engaging in opportunities that allow for a sharing and networking of effective teaching techniques, curriculum design, behavioral management, and innovative programming ideas.

In 2017, we hope you will join the conversation and fun as we, the leaders of today, impact the growth and development of our leaders of tomorrow.