1 October 2014

If you have been to a Broadway show recently, you know handing over hundreds of dollars is a risk! As the curtain rises and you see the elaborate, pricey sets and state of the art lighting, you think to yourself, "So that is where my money is going." Later, you realize that A-list movie actor hired to boost ticket sales is actually much better suited for multiple takes and film editing. Finally, you become more worried about your nose, fingers and toes turning blue from the overpowered AC rather than the dramatic plot twist happening.

We may be a little biased, but we have come up with 5 ways we think Camp Plays are better than Broadway. Who knows, maybe those Broadway billionaires will takes some suggestions to bring fun and quality back to 'The Great White Way'!

1. No show would be longer than an hour... Sorry Shakespeare.

2. Shows would still be done in an amphitheater... The rock music gods have it right!

3. Tickets would be FREE... The performers are happy their peers are supporting their hard work.

4. Most people would know how to articulate and speak clearly... It is key for outdoor performing.

5. After every show there would be pizza and candy while you hang out with your friends... Yes, there's a gluten free option.