Our high-energy game show hosts guarantee fun for audiences of all sizes and ages! Implementing a fully interactive game show system with lights, sensors, score keeping and sound effects, children are split into teams to participate in lightning quick trivia and hilarious group challenges while cheering along to popular tunes and dance songs!


There's something different about a mainstages game show.  It's not cookie cutter.  It's tailor made for your camp.  Media questions are pulled from your camp's website and social media.  We get to know your community with unique challenges and questions designed with you in mind.

We can do everything! With a wide variety of challenges and categories, every game show with mainstages is different!


It's not always about who knows the answers, but who can get their hands on the buzzer fastest! Be sure you're paying attention, you never know what you may be asked. When in front of our machine, sometimes the simplest questions can stump you!


Focus, precision and balance are all part of the fun with mainstages. Classic relay challenges join original races like 'Wobble Walk' and 'Statue of Liberty Toss' to deliver high-action and gut-busting laughter for all!

We offer competitive rates and multi-booking discounts. Let us bring the fun to you!

The perfect mix of lightning fast trivia, physical challenges, digital media, and hit music, our game shows guarantee a high-impact event for audiences of all ages and sizes. Implementing a fully interactive display with lights, buzzers, score keeping, and sound effects, our game show hosts ensure that contestants rotate rapidly through our exclusive game show set, ensuring maximum participation. With over 100 different interactive categories and challenges, no two game shows are ever the same!

Our Game Show Options Include:

The mainstages Game Show

Our game show hosts entertain while they quiz you. In addition to media questions pulled from the most current and popular topics, a unique “Act Out” category brings fun photo opportunities and creative thinking into the action.   Focus, precision and balance are all part of the fun with mainstages.  Classic relay races join original challenges like “The Wobble Walk” and “Statue of Liberty Toss” to deliver fast paced enjoyment for everyone.

Juice Bar Trivia

Bust out the Mott’s and let mainstages entertain and educate your community with Juice Bar trivia.  This college-bowl inspired trivia show is designed for those looking for the complete game show experience while accommodating smaller crowds, in a more intimate setting, with less dependence on technology. With a range of exclusive categories covering topics like technology, sports, pop culture and current events, everyone is sure to learn and engage with Juice Bar Trivia. 

Juice Bar Trivia is also available as a recurring program of our Afterschool Services. 

STEM Game Show

The high-tech functionality of our game show system provides a one-of-a-kind format for exploring science and technology. In this specialty game show, trivia questions and challenges from pop culture and current events fuse with categories including earth science, the periodic table, environmental education, and math, to provide a well-rounded, entertaining learning experience.  Our STEM Game Show also includes a recycling speed challenge, rapid-action relay races, and more. 

Staff Game Show

Ideal for staff retreats, orientations, holiday parties and more, our staff game show includes a fully interactive game show system with lights, buzzers, score keeping, and sound effects. Contestants participate in friendly competition including lightning fast trivia rounds and unique physical challenges.   Our professional game show hosts ensure that pop culture mixes with the spirit of the audience to both provide recreational fun and review best practices about policies and procedures in a non-threatening, fun manner.

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