Theater essentials kit includes:

  • Curriculum guide featuring over 150 unique lesson plans including team building exercises, movement and concentration games, improv and mainstages exclusive nature's theater program
  • Director's guidebook including theater vocabulary and goals by age range, opportunities to provide the curriculum in a camp schedule, teaching techniques, navigating the audition and performance process, scheduling tips, and more
  • Innovative program templates for rainy day and evening programs such as variety shows, game show challenges, and creative card games
  • Character accents including clown noses, moustaches, and more
  • Laminated stage identifiers and placecards
  • Theater playing cards
  • "Naughty Bell"
  • Rubber Chicken
  • Juggling scarves
  • "Magic" Hat
  • "Act out" Photos
  • Color card stock certificates of achievement
  • Actor's Contracts
  • Postcard letter home
  • Durable travel duffel bag

Our theater essentials kit now includes a complimentary planning session with mainstages and your camp's theater director!

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