24 July 2013

Did you know?

  • 93% of Americans believe that arts education is vital to providing a well rounded education.
  • 72% of business leaders say that "creativity" is the #1 skill they are seeking when hiring.
  • Students who participate in the arts score  higher on standardized tests than students who don't.
  • A student involved in the arts is 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.
  • The experience of a summer at camp is widely known to improve development of social skills, community living, self-respect and character building.

Data sources: Americans for the ArtsAmerican Camp Association: Media Center

For the above reasons and so many other facts, figures, passions and experiences, I have chosen to share another blogem (Blog Poem). There is a pure nostalgia and emotion that drives deep within people when it comes to recalling experiences in camp and theater. The following is a celebration of both of these precious places as they collide into one beautiful entity: camp theater.

Ode to Camp Theater

That moment when...

This summer's musical is announced

You read the cast list

You get to play a role you never thought you would

You realize the 40 people you just met will become your closest friends at camp

You actually have something fun to do during "rainy day" activities

Sitting with your cast mates reminds you of sitting with your color war team

You and your cast laugh at an "inside" joke in front of other people, then you laugh again

You think the show will never come together

Final dress rehearsal speeches begin

The show comes together

You're about to go on

Holding for laughs brings a huge smile to your face

You're singing summer show tunes weeks after camp has ended

Blackout. Silence. Uproarious applause

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