24 February 2014

Did you know that the fee for illegally producing a play without purchasing a performance license can cost up to $500,000?!?  In other words, every time you run that script through your Xerox machine, you're taking a big risk. Performance licenses typically cost between $600-$1000 (depending on show selection) and include royalties (the author's cut,) rental materials (scripts, cd's, etc.), and performance permissions. Performance licenses offer you the opportunity to use a production's logo, videotape the play, and market your production without fear of legal ramifications. 

Want legal peace of mind, without breaking the bank?  Here are some cost-effective (or free) ways to legally produce a play at camp:

  1. Choose a Junior Version Many popular musicals are offered with versions for children.  Children's versions are always edited for younger audiences, and oftentimes allow the cast to keep the scripts (a crucial camp logistic.)  Music Theatre International offers a Jr. version of many productions, and Rodgers and Hammerstein's  offer plays for camp audiences at a slightly discounted rate.
  2.  Choose a Royalty-Free Play Working with the campers to write and produce original works is an easy and effective way to avoid paying performance licenses.  You can also adapt and/or modernize popular fairy tales and the works of older playwrights (who have been deceased more than 70 years) like William Shakespeare.  Here's a list of royalty-free plays. 
  3.  Lease a Production Kit Consolidate your costs (and overall headache) with mainstages theatrical production kits. Production kits are convenient and cost effective with packages that include royalties, scripts, costumes, and backdrops.  Take a look at production kits.