30 June 2016

This past semester at Sephardic Community Center, children participated in COMEDY IMPROV LIVE, a weekly games-based program emphasizing the value of community, quick thinking, confidence on stage, creativity, and expression. here is a highlight of some of the most popular games from the semester!

Character Interviews
The children had the opportunity to change their voice, body, and personality to build characters that were interviewed by our instructor, Melissa. Melissa took on the role of a talk show host and the kids played wacky characters like princesses, rock stars and more.




Helping Hands
Helping Hands is a fun game where one participant plays the voice and the other participant is their hands, sneaking behind them and making motions based on what the participant describes. this game is great for listening to each other and working together with hilarious results.


In Slideshow, children get to make silent tableaus after hearing a prompt. With a nautical theme, the kids did a fantastic job creating pictures and making everyone laugh!

Thank you to all of the parents, kids, and faculty at Sephardic Community Center. We hope you have a wonderful summer and see you in the fall!