We are not your typical entertainers. We create a venue of inspiration that educates and informs. Our performances are geared for school assemblies, community centers, summer camps or anyone wishing to draw in and entertain crowds of children.

Einstein ShowEinstein In Time

The brilliant mind of Einstein has just invented the world's first time machine and he needs your help to save the future! Take a selfie and journey through past, present and future to meet historical figures that have shaped the technology of today.  #Savetheday and help Einstein discover the importance of human interaction in a technology obsessed world?   

Detective LingoDetective Lingo and the Case of the Missing Mona Lisa

Detective Lingo is a private investigator who solves the world's greatest mysteries through foreign language skills and a keen eye for detail. In this curious caper, Lingo finds himself in Paris, France, investigating the disappearance of the world famous painting, the Mona Lisa. Uncover French vocabulary and phrases to help Detective Lingo find the clues he needs to solve "le mystere" before the Mona Lisa remains missing forever!

Martin Luther King Jr.The Long Walk to School: A Martin Luther King Jr. Story

Little Marty Jr. wakes up on the first day back to school after having a dream that his new glasses will cause him to be the subject of ridicule from classmates. On his long walk to school, Marty meets influential characters who help him appreciate the qualities that make him different. Join us on this heartwarming and interactive journey that reflects the values and beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Captain Do-Goodly The Adventures of Captain Do-Goodly

Faster than the flash of a smile! Able to say a million "thank you's" in a single bound! Captain Do-Goodly wants participants to join him on his travels across the world on an adventure to help others. With help from a magic cape, participants will take a journey with the caped crusader and his friends as they encounter opportunities to perform good deeds in a fun performance emphasizing the individual role we each play in caring for the greater community.

Johnny ApplebaumJohnny Applebaum's Eco Expedition

To infinity and beyond! Travelling through light years, astronaut Johnny Applebaum invites participants on an expedition to fix his broken Space Shuttle and save a broken planet. Education about recycling, energy conservation, and global warming are re-imagined with hilarious visitors from the past, present and future as environmental awareness is taken to new heights and galaxies.

Interactive programs include educational supplements and are adapted by professional theater educators to engage children of all ages.

We customize! Now touring all over the Tri-State Area!

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