21 June 2015

As some of you may know, the Camp Counselor is not always a glorified position. Some think, going away for 8 weeks during the summer to "play" and "camp-out" is more of a vacation than a job. As the camp season begins to set in, I would like to remind everyone what a unique gift being a camp counselor really is and the difference they make.

While recently visiting a sleep-away camp I read an awesome poem about a counselor working at camp. It was poignant and inspiring. It captured everything I had hoped to say at the start of a camp season, and I couldn't wait to share with all of you. Enjoy!

I make eight weeks feel like 8 minutes.

I make 200 new friends every summer.

I make sure homesick kids will be camp-sick when they get home.

I make kids walk with pride, and value who they are.

I make sure kids hear about it, when they do something great.

I make kids shoot a thousand shots, so when they take the one that counts... It goes in.

I make kids ask the girl sitting on the side watching by herself to join the game, so they see the value of reaching out to others.

I make kids make their bed every morning, so they learn the importance of responsibility.

I make kids wait in line for candy so they understand the frustration and value of patience.

I make kids sit out of the game for bad sportsmanship so they learn that type of behavior isn't accepted.

I make kids who just got in a fight shake hands, so they realize burned bridges don't rebuild themselves.

I make the sloppy joe more appetizing by giving it an extra stir before I pass it around the table.

I make the canoe go straight, even though the kid is the front keeps her paddle to the right... The whole trip.

I make kids write home often, so I don't get yelled at on visiting day.

I make more memories in one summer than most do in a lifetime.

I make sure kids make fun of life, and not of each other.