19 May 2017

For the Spring 2017 semester at the brand new JCC Harlem, we ran a program about superheroes! The Superhero Stunt School course was deisgned to focus on:

  • Creating characters with a distinct voice, body, and personality.
  • Learning about superheroes from comic books.
  • Crafting an original presentation based on styles gleaned from exisiting comic book heroes and villains.
  • Learning fight choreography techniques used on stage and screen.

We had a lot of fun creating and becoming our superheroes (and villains) by combining our love of theater with fantasy. Through acting exercises, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and fun superhero madlibs, we created not only the superheroes, but also their alter egos. Once we had our characters (Bane Luthor, Beastman, Superbgirl, and Missleman, respectively), we took lessons with a professional fight choreographer to learn how to create real action but remain completely safe. We had a fantastic time, and we are already looking forward to our next semester at JCC Harlem with another great topic!