We offer a unique range of performances suitable for preschool children aged 3 all the way through to professional development for adults. Our shows are always interactive, high-energy, and we perform in any space from multi-purpose rooms to auditoriums and open fields.

Our performances are ideal for:

  • Day Camps
  • Resident Camps
  • Community Centers
  • School Assemblies
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family Reunions

Our core values guide us in all of our performances and programs. The following is a description of our current performances:

Interactive Performances
High-energy performances that both entertain campers and enhance the values that make your camp special.

Perform Judaism
Theatrical initiatives designed to enhance Jewish identity at summer camp.

Game Shows
High impact entertainment using elements from Minute To Win It, Jeopardy, Double Dare and more. Suitable for large groups of active kids.

Staff Training and Workshops
Creative methods of utilizing entertainment and performance to prepare staff for work at camp or in the classroom.

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