2 March 2014

Purim is coming soon, offering lots of opportunities to infuse creativity, storytelling and performance into your programming for kids.  Here are some "kid-approved" activities for this theatrical holiday:

Purim Here to There

Have participants line up on one side of the room and move across the space exploring different settings and characters in the Purim story.  Whether marching like soldiers, moving like Mordechai, or masquerading through a costume ball, kids will have a blast experiencing the motions of the Purim story.

Move like...

...Mordechai, old and kind, helping people along the way
...King Ahashveryos, counting money and looking for love
...Haman, greedy and slick
...someone nervous on the way to meet the king at a costume ball
...soldiers, ready for the defense


You're taking a field trip through the story of Purim and will be using participants to create photos explaining your trip.  As you tell the story, pause and have the children freeze in a way that reflects the scene you just described. 

Here's a photo of...

...everyone at a huge party that lasted 7 days
...the king trying to decide between a bunch of people in wacky costumes
...Mordechai refusing to bow to Haman
...Esther asking the king to save the Jewish people

PJ Library Storybook Theater

For younger children, incorporate some of the Purim stories available from PJ Library.  The Mystery Bear, by Leone Adelson, and Raisel's Riddle, by Erica Silverman, offer the opportunity for children to re-enact tales related to the Purim story.

Unfamiliar with the Purim Story?  Check out our 1-page description of the story  for young audiences!


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