mainstages believes your camp's theater program is more than just an activity period. Our program allows you to cultivate a successful theater program while simplifying your administrative schedule at the same time. Our goal is to shine a bright enough spotlight to make an impact outside of the theater program, helping strengthen the very core of your camp.

We take away the stress of stage management without sacrificing the individual elements that make your camp special. 

Here's how we spotlight your camp:

Staffing Services
Similar to the stage, camp is a place where everyone has their assigned roles. Our role is to prepare your camp with a theater director who can adapt and be resourceful in the moment, making experiences that would otherwise seem ordinary, special.

Theatrical tools and materials designed specifically for summer camps including sets, costumes, teaching resources and production royalties.

Performances & Game Shows
Creative and high impact educational entertainment nationwide with silly puppets, wacky characters and high energy fun.

Summer Camp