19 January 2015

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Performers make great camp staff. They have boundless energy, tons of expression, and lots of creative ideas.  But working at camp is not quite the same as being on stage.    Situations occur at camp that you can't "act" your way out of.  There is only one sure fire way to succeed in teaching theater at camp...preparation!

Here are 5 tips to prepare for your theater program at camp:

  1. Have a firm understanding of your goals.  What do you want to get accomplished and what activities are going to help you get there? 
  2. Have lesson plans and materials prepared in advance.  Visualize staging, write memos, and prepare script edits prior to summer. 
  3. Schedule ahead. Take a close look at the camp calendar to understand trips and events that might interrupt your rehearsals and classes.  Start from the performance and work backwards, making sure to emphasize the important essentials to make sure you stay on track. 
  4. Make your theater space work for you.  Consider how you setup chairs, how campers enter the room, and other distractions that may occur in a space. Experiment with different seating arrangements and strategies.  
  5. Assign Roles.  There is other staff at camp that would be happy to help you with your programming.  Think about the assignments that can be delegated to others. 

Your ability to improvise will inevitably come in handy, as working with children requires adaptability.  But there's no need to rely on your ability to scramble.  Let us help you run a successful theater program at your camp. 

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